01 Apr

Making the right decision 16+

There are many decisions to be made for our young people today.  As they enter this period of revision for their GCSEs in May and June, some feel the pressure of the decisions they need to make once the exams are over.

We are offering traineeships throughout the summer holidays to give students a great foundation for whatever pathway they choose next, be it an apprenticeship, A’levels at Sixth Form, College etc. Our traineeship course is a 6 week program where students attend college one day per week for specialist coaching and lessons in preparing for work or sixth form, and to perform work experience 1-2 days per week in a spa/salon to learn work skills. This is a free course to school leavers and is a fantastic opportunity for young people to prepare for the next stage in their education.

In recent years many employers have been unhappy with the skills of school leavers, making it harder for any young people to find work. A recent survey found two out of every three employers said they were disappointed with the basic work related skills and attitudes of school leavers. Businesses also said they want school leavers to have better English and maths skills, with 35% and 30% respectively saying these have previously not been good enough.

All in all, the jobs market has been an exceptionally tough place for young people and it has become very difficult to gain relevant work experience and skills to help them go on and get permanent employment.

The new traineeship programme has been developed to bring school leavers up to the required level for the workplace, giving them skills and experience to compete in the labour market with more experienced adults. As well as helping young people get themselves ready for work, traineeships are also there to provide a stepping-stone to an apprenticeship.

The government minister in charge of traineeships said the aim is ‘to support everyone in our country to reach their personal best’ with traineeships a new scheme ‘to help young people with the skills they need to get a job, and hold down a job’.

Here at the Oxford International College of Beauty, we thrive on helping our students achieve their ‘personal best’, we are offering apprenticeships and traineeships in beauty, please email info@oicb.co.uk to find out more.