Comite’ International d’Esthetique et de Cosmetologie

CIDESCO (Comite’ International d’Esthetique et de Cosmetologie) represents and promotes the highest professional standards of Beauty Therapy in the World.

Founded in 1946 in Brussels the Headquarters of CIDESCO is now in Zurich and upholds World Standards for beauty therapy training and professional skills.

OICB’s Relationship with CIDESCO

The Oxford International College of Beauty is one of 11 schools in the United Kingdom teaching the highly coveted CIDESCO qualification, and was awarded accreditation in 2004. College Principal Erika Oswin plays an active role in publicising CIDESCO in the UK.

Why choose a CIDESCO qualification?

Students graduating with a CIDESCO Diploma are guaranteed employment in many of the World’s leading Spas and Salons. The Oxford International College of Beauty recognises the market for skilled professional beauty therapists and provides comprehensive training to equip new graduates for a lifelong profession in the beauty industry.

Recognised in 40 countries and over 5 continents, CIDESCO qualifications give the best possible start to beauty therapy training and a career in the beauty industry. The Oxford International College of Beauty recognises this premier beauty therapy qualification and the professional rewards associated with a CIDESCO Diploma.

To be a CIDESCO Student or Therapist means you are part of the CIDESCO family and play a significant role in standards of excellence within the Salon and Spa community.

What CIDESCO courses do OICB offer?

OICB currently offer the following study options:

CIDESCO, CIBTAC and OICB Spa Beauty & Body Therapy – 10 Month Full Time Course

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