Open Days

Open days offer a great opportunity to anyone wishing to find out how to get a career in the beauty industry. This page will give you a bit more information about what to expect.

What to expect of an open day at OICB?

Expect a warm welcome at the Oxford International College of Beauty where members of staff and students will be waiting to greet you. A conducted tour of the college will take place and you will see the students working. They will offer you treatments and give you the opportunity for an informal chat and to find out what the students really think of the OICB!

Course information, photographs of students and the college together with samples of the students work files will be on display. Refreshments and drinks will be available.

Should I bring anything with me?

If you would like an interview on the same day please bring your passport, school reports (where applicable) and the names and addresses of two referees.

Do I need to book an interview in advance?

Yes it is strongly recommended, especially if you are travelling a long distance.

Do I need to tell you I’m attending?

If you know in advance that you will be able to attend, we would appreciate a call to let us know. However, we are always delighted to see anyone who is interested in our college and you can just drop by!

Can I bring anyone with me?

Yes! We are very pleased to show you around and welcome, family, friends and partners to see the college.


Upcoming Open Days & College Events


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