About NVQ Beauty Courses

What are NVQs?

NVQ’s are an excellent way to study beauty therapy qualifications at the Oxford International College of Beauty. Standards in NVQ training at OICB are considered to be the very best and recognised in industry for their standards of excellence.

NVQ Levels 2 and 3 can be achieved by a number of different routes and will easily fit in with the student’s commitments and other circumstances. NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy can be studied at evening class or for NVQ apprentices during the daytime too. NVQ Level 3 Body Therapy classes are also available at evening class giving all students the chance to work and learn.


What career opportunities would an NVQ bring?

Career opportunities in the UK are excellent for NVQ graduates and there is a great demand for therapists with NVQ qualifications in the Spa and Salon sector. NVQ qualifications are a passport to careers on the Cruise Ships and it’s a great way to build skills and attain knowledge in all aspects of beauty therapy.

National Vocational Qualifications are a great way to study beauty therapy and achieve a successful professional career as a beauty therapist. NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in beauty and body therapy are a popular choice when deciding qualification options and the Oxford International College of Beauty offer these courses at evening class and for beauty therapy apprentices.

Beauty therapy training offers many different qualifications and NVQ’s are an excellent option when deciding a training programme in private education. NVQ beauty therapy qualifications gained from studying at the Oxford International College of Beauty are to the highest professional standards and carry the badge of honour by association to this private college.


What NVQ courses do OICB offer?

OICB currently offer the following study options: