I am American and had the opportunity of receiving an Esthetician license in the States. However, when I found out about the CIBTAC/CIDESCO program, I had a change of heart. I researched two other schools in England besides OICB. I then decided that OICB was the best fit for me! OICB was very accommodating and they care for their students very much. As a foreigner, I had no idea what to expect and was very intimidated by the fact that I would be living in a different country and wasn’t sure how the transition was going to pan out! OICB was very clear on each step I needed to take in the moving process and connected me to other past American OICB students who had gone through the visa application to aid in any further inquires I may have had. Although the visa process was slightly long, it was worth it!

Living in the student accommodation is just like moving away to University! You are surrounded by other girls attending the course so you are able to help each other out with studying and are given the opportunity to build strong friendships with fellow future skin care therapists! Living in Europe for 10 months was such a fantastic experience. I loved visiting London, Leicester and taking regular trips to Oxford was such fun. Witney is such a lovely town, I felt safe and comfortable and enjoyed living near the beautiful Cotswolds.

Looking back, I am so glad I went abroad to do CIBTAC/CIDESCO instead studying in the States. I had a great time at OICB and was provided with an excellent education and experience in all aspects in the beauty industry!

As I enjoyed my CIBTAC Level 2 course so much, I chose to come back to take the advanced CIBTAC Level 3 course. At the end of my Level 3 course I was entered into the CIDESCO exams and I was thrilled to find out I passed with flying colours! I am so highly qualified now and although I still had to apply for the State Esthetician exam when I returned home, I would have had to sit that exam wherever I studied, even in the States. I am now qualified to work in multiple countries all over the globe with my CIBTAC and CIDESCO qualifications and have an enviable reputation from studying in Europe! OICB is the perfect school to receive a beauty therapy license, and I highly recommend the school for anyone looking for that international experience and a bit of an adventure!


OICB is the beauty college par excellence. As an international student, I wanted a college that would award me world class certification and good value for money. I not only got that, I also acquired the skill to work with the highest standards and professional ethics. I was taught the importance of self discipline, empathy towards clients, and given great insights and advice on how to grow and also run a business. The OICB curriculum prepares students to be confident and capable in their very first jobs.


I have always been interested in beauty. A highly qualified beautician, who has been in the industry for over 30 years recommended OICB to me, in particular the CIBTAC and CIDESCO courses. This was the best decision I could have made to complete the course and cannot emphasis how highly OICB is thought of in the beauty industry.

After qualifying in June 2014 I sent my CV off to many local spas and salons. All of which asked me to attend an interview, which I feel is down to OICB’s outstanding reputation.

My present employer prefers applicants with at least 2 years experience. However after carrying out research into OICB, she was extremely impressed and arranged for me to come in for an interview. Following a successful interview and a glowing reference from the college I was offered the job.

I am extremely happy, I have been on Decléor training arranged through work and recently returned to OICB to attend the Reflexology course with the full support of my employer. I have been praised for excellent standards, which I have achieved through hard work and due to the high quality training at OICB.

OICB is a great start for anyone interested in the beauty industry and welcoming if you wish to return to do any additional courses.


5 star college! I have sent 2 apprentices to this college and I am very impressed with the high standard of teaching and how the students are taught to be well groomed and disciplined in their work. The standards are extremely high and the graduation dinner gives the students a sense of achievement.s are taught to be well groomed and disciplined in their work.

The standards are extremely high and the graduation dinner gives the students a sense of achievement.

I have just finished a Swedish Massage NVQ Level 3 course myself at this college. I’ve got the bug now! Hot Stone Massage course next! Really enjoyed the class, getting to know other students and Heidi is a great teacher!


I decided that I wanted to study beauty therapy as I was just starting my family and wanted a career that would fit around being a mother.  I also love working with people and wanted a skill that would allow me a regular interaction with people.  Sadly I couldn’t sacrifice my income to study the full time CIDESCO course which I would have loved, but found the perfect course for me at the OICB where I could study alongside my full-time job.

At a time in my life where I was trying to settle into dealing with three children under the age of two I needed an escape and have some “me time”  so every Tuesday night I spent three hours with people of all different ages, from all parts of the county studying beauty therapy.  I remember sitting in my white uniform doing my first finger nail paint thinking why didn’t I do this sooner!? I really believe this college offers something for everyone, don’t think it’s too late or worry that you won’t fit in because they have got it all covered! I am now working part time in a skincare clinic and I’m enjoying being part of the beauty industry, there is still so much to learn so having completed my NVQ2 last year I am now studying my NVQ 3 and don’t plan on stopping there!


An excellent beauty school! As a graduate in 2012 I felt confident going into my first beauty therapist job role and was told that my skills seemed more advanced than having just left college. OICB teaches you everything you need to know and more!  The CIDESCO diploma is a worthwhile investment if you want the best qualification and training in the industry.


5* An outstanding college!! After training here I have now been able to open up my very own beauty salon in Kidlington called Prestidge Beauty. Everyone at the college are so lovely and really make sure you are the BEST beauty therapist that you could be – would not recommend anywhere else!!


I decided to have a career change and follow my long term dream after I had worked as graphic designer and had 2 children. I was very happy to have found OICB where I started realizing my dreams.

My decision to study at OICB has changed my life forever and made me realise that it is truly said – “Better late than never!” During the course I received a lot of help for the great teaching staff. I learned how to be my best at college and achieve high results whilst also managing a busy home life and still looking after my children and husband and house.

When I started at OICB in 2012 I took the NVQ 2 Evening class because my children we still young. But I wanted more and more information and I just felt beauty therapy was for me, so I made the big decision to join the full time course after I graduated. I was so excited to have been awarded the NVQ student of the Year 2013 which gave me even more confidence that I was making the right decision to make this my future career!

I am very proud to say that I have now graduated from Oxford International College of Beauty with CIDESCO, CIBTAC and NVQ 2 qualifications! I am very much looking forward to my career ahead, I am confident I can make it a success!

I would like to encourage anybody who is thinking about studying at OICB and to have a career change that it is all possible at any age! Where there’s a will, there’s a way and the teachers will do their best to support you in your studies.


From the bottom of my heart I thank all the teachers of OICB for their support and deep knowledge they gave me! I was inspired, challenged, pushed, encouraged and rewarded.

The very first time I saw and visited the OICB made me fall in love with the place. It is located in an extremely pleasant and scenic village of Witney just outside the city of Oxford. Although it has a charming classical look on the outside it is very modern and up-to-date inside with all the latest features of a contemporary beauty and cosmetology salon.

As soon as my studies began I knew that I had picked the right place for myself. The whole educational process is cleverly constructed as the vital theoretical part of the course is mixed with regular and substantial amount of practical work. The college has its own student salon where new students start to practice their skills on real clients within a month from starting their studies. Straight away it gives the students confidence and experience they need to be ready for the demanding work environment after the course.

The staff was exceptionally friendly and understanding. They approached each student individually and were always happy to give advice on latest beauty treatments and techniques. We also had the chance to listen to a number of invited lecturers from many areas of contemporary beauty industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my year and it was a tremendous honour to be chosen the “CIDESCO Student of the Year”. This course has given me the direction for my future career and I hope to bring all my experience and knowledge into starting my own business in Russia.


Oh wow…where to even start?!!….. I am still so overwhelmed by my wonderful achievements and being awarded with CIDESCO student of the year award sealed the deal!

I had always wanted to study Beauty Therapy and especially CIDESCO when I was younger but always postponed it. When I was 26 I decided that it is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I did it! That is the beauty about the beauty industry! Ha ha! There is no age limit to reach for your dreams!

I am from Botswana, all the way in Southern Africa so being at OICB was very far from home but I made Witney my new home for 10 months. Such a cute small town with warm people around you. I remember arriving and Erika picking me up and taking me to my house on Moorland Road, which I shared with 3 other students, I still keep in touch with them too. It was such a beautiful little place fit for a student and even better than most student accommodations. I found the college online when I googled CIDESCO accredited colleges. There were so many colleges all over the world but I was drawn to England because English is my first language and there are many cultural similarities. I looked at so many colleges in the UK in general and I kept going back to the OICB website, there was something special about those girls with full make up, tied back hair and that crispy clean white uniform. They looked so professional and I knew right then that this was a type of college I would like to be associated with.

I decided I wanted to do CIBTAC and CIDESCO, which were not easy courses, but with the guidance and mentorship of all the tutors I was well on my way to good results. I also really liked how we did progress reports and one on ones with tutors, that way you know your weak areas and to work on them too. I took on Electrolysis, which I was petrified of but my teacher Helen had more faith in me than I did in myself and she pushed me beyond my limits and I aced the exam! It just goes to show what hard work and dedication pay off!!

My favourite days were student salon days where we got to interact with real clients and put knowledge to the test!!! Lizzie was the best at getting us prepped up for exams and industry. She spoilt us……maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that. Oooppps……We used to have to clean our working area, and we hated it but now that I am working in a salon, I realise what a valuable lesson that is and I’m glad college instilled that within us because you literally clean up after yourself, and make sure the rest of the salon is clean too. “So listen to everything you are told, it is for your own good, and they really do know best!”

All said and done I had an amazing time and experience and it was one of the best years of my life! Not only did I pass my exams but I’m now living and working for ‘The London Orchid’ Salon based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. It is owned by an OICB graduate and we use all UK based products like Elemis and Sienna X spray tanning! College helped to get us all fantastic jobs and that’s another perk about being an OICB graduate! You are head hunted! Industry says we are the “BEST”. I started work beginning of December and I am working my way towards my CIDESCO hours, which is so exciting!! I have bigger plans in the pipeline and with my qualifications the sky is the limit!!!!

NB! We are looking forward to having girls over to Malaysia for work experience.


I decided I wanted to study Beauty when I was doing my A-Levels at college. I enjoyed all my subjects at college, but none of them excited me enough to want to commit to it as a career choice. So I began looking at alternative careers and came across Beauty. As soon as I came across this industry I knew it would be a career that I would love and one that I would very much like to be a part of. I looked at colleges online and came across OICB. For me it was the perfect course, it had an extensive course content and had accommodation on site, which was an important factor for me as I wanted to experience living away from home. As soon as the course began I felt very confident in my decision to study Beauty as I found the lessons very interesting and loved the practical elements to the course, making my days lovely and varied. This was a whole new experience for me as my previous course was very Academic where you would sit in class all day working very independently, where here we were doing practical and working on classmates and clients making my days interactive and fun, while still having the wonderful support from my teachers. I am very excited to say that I have now graduated from The Oxford International College of Beauty with a CIDESCO and CIBTAC qualification. I am very much looking forward to my future career and am confident that my CV and qualifications will impress my future Employers. I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in the Beauty industry to take on the challenge, because there are so many exciting career opportunities to choose from and if you do, I wish you the best of luck!


“OICB was the clear choice for me when it came time to pick a school to start my beauty therapy career. The standards and professionalism were so much higher than any other colleges I toured in the USA and UK. As a well travelled American student from California, I found living in Witney (near Oxford) and attending OICB to be an excellent experience academically and an easy place to live internationally. With my exams coming up in November I feel very confident with all the help and preparation from the very caring tutors that truly desire for me to be successful.”


“Graduated in 1991 – my International qualifications gained at OICB prepared me for all aspects of running a very busy hair & beauty salon. For many years I have employed graduates from the college ensuring my team are all up to the high standards I expect. I also enjoy working as a part time tutor at the college.”


“OICB students graduate with the highest stand of knowledge and practical skills, full of enthusiasm to get into our industry and make a successful career with the new skills and confidence that OICB has given them. They are always well presented and very employable at the end of their training.”


“My experience at the OICB was a memorable one that I feel very lucky to have had. The class was multi-cultural and I met some great people who made an impact on my life and who I will definitely never forget. The course work is by no means easy, but I feel that because I was pushed to meet my potential, I am much more prepared than many other therapists working today.”


“My full-time course at OICB was fantastic – it was well structured with outstanding support from tutors and staff. The class size lead to both an intimate learning environment and good friends – many of whom I am still in contact with. College-organised work experience led to my employment in the largest day spa in the UK. The inspiration from my principal, Erika Oswin, led me to open my own successful business. I wish future students the same success in this exciting and booming Beauty Industry.”


“CIDESCO Student of the Year 2006 “hello from the Carnival Spirit – I love it, it’s so much fun, everyone’s really nice and the ship is amazing. We’re in Mexico at the moment and then we’re going to Hawaii and Alaska, I can’t wait! The international qualifications I gained from the college have given me the expertise and confidence to succeed in this fascinating career.”


“My full-time course at OICB was fantastic – it was well structured with outstanding support. Originally from South Africa, I graduated in 1991 – the expert tuition I received and the highly credited qualifications I achieved gave me the ability and confidence to start my very successful business in Marlborough.”


“I’ve learned so much and feel I have grown in so many ways. I am so proud to have to have attended your college and gained such fantastic training and qualifications. After two great years working at Grayshott Spa I am now enjoying life on the cruise liners! Just a big thank you to everyone for helping me achieve my ambitions.”


“Thank you so much for the last 2 years and putting up with me! It was the best thing I could have done and has opened so many opportunities for me.”


“It was a delightful trip to Bath Thermae Spa! Thank you for inviting me. I made lots of friends during my studies at evening class and I love coming to the college now as a model and supporting all the new therapists throughout their training.”


“Three years ago I decided to change career from a midwife to beauty therapy and moved my family from the Middle East to study on the CIBTAC two year course, combining my studies with looking after my family. After completing my course I spent two happy years at Champneys Forest Mere. Following your advice I have now enrolled on a management course, which I believe will be very useful to me in the future if I decide to become a Spa Manager. I couldn’t keep this exciting news to myself and wanted to share it with you, with all my respect. You are always a great example for anyone who wants to achieve success.”


“I just want to say a big thank you to all of you for putting me on the beauty path and believe it or not I do actually miss client day and even the lovely white uniform! I graduated in 2009 after two years on the CIBTAC course and absolutely love working in the industry. At present I am training therapists to on eyelash extensions and gel nails courses and at the same time building up my own bridal package business that is going very well.”


“The CIDESCO course was challenging but the rewards are worth it! Support from tutors and fellow students kept me going and it was truly an experience I will always remember. As a foreign student the move was simple and settling into the student accommodation was made easy by all the help from OICB staff.”


“I am from Stratford upon Avon and studied on the full time CIDESCO course, graduating in 2009. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who is serious about beauty therapy as not only is this the best qualification to get but it is the best school to obtain it. I am enjoying working at one of the UK’s leading Spas, Grayshott Spa in Surrey and would like to thank all the tutors and staffs for helping me find the right job! The possibilities are endless with this qualification.”


“I completed the CIDESCO fulltime course in 2009. The year went so quickly and I met many different people from all over the world on my course. I did my two weeks work experience in Jersey, Channel Islands and had so much fun it made me realise I definitely want to work in a Spa.”


“I am from Trinidad and completed the CIDESCO course in 2009. This course was very intense but enjoyable. I never thought I would learn so much about the skin and body! After working in the UK I am about to return home to set up my own salon. I would like to thank all the staff for their support and helping me settle into life in Witney and spending so much time helping me find employment at the end of my course.”


“I completed my course at OICB in 1996. Every aspect of my course was good and to an extremely high standard. It was also a lovely environment to work in and carry out beauty treatments. I have worked at the top Spa, Ragdale Hall Health Hydro in Leicestershire for ten years and have progressed throughout the years to the senior role of Beauty Recruitment Coordinator, where I select the Beauty Therapists. I continue to visit the OICB each year for recruitment and many of the students come to work at Ragdale Hall on the completion of their course.”


“It’s been a great 10 months course, very intensive and hard work but the CIBTAC & CIDESCO qualifications are the best you can have so it was worth all the effort. I was extremely lucky that OICB helped me find employment at the end of my course last year at Esporta in Oxford.”


“I had a great time at OICB whilst studying for my CIDESCO qualifications, everyone was so friendly and helpful. The course was very hard work but well worth it, especially as I was confident enough to return home to St Vincent and open my own salon in 2007. After such a great education at OICB I recommended a friend to join the CIDESCO course this year and can’t wait for her to return and help me in my salon.”


“As a mature student I found the warm welcome and continued support when I arrived from Croatia made me feel like one of the OICB family. The enthusiasm of the highly skilled teaching staff encouraged me to work hard and gain prestigious qualifications and start a successful career in beauty therapy.

Thanks to all at OICB I am now enjoying life as a Spa Manager on the beautiful island of Malta!”


“Originally from South Africa, I enjoyed my year on the CIDESCO course immensely and was thrilled to be awarded Student of Year in 2005. Erika and the tutors at OICB are so dedicated and inspiring. They encouraged me to work hard and aim high and after joining the prestigious Grayshott Spa in Surrey as a therapist, I have quickly worked my way up to Assistant Spa Manager, thanks to a great foundation at OICB.”


“Due to the expat assignment of my husband, I moved to the UK in 2007. Once settled into our new home in Minster Lovell I explored the opportunities to re-train as a beauty specialist. Luckily I found the OICB and commenced my training in September, graduating the following June. It was hard work and sometimes very difficult due to the technical topics, but Erika and her staff believed in me and supported me throughout which resulted in gaining my NVQ qualifications. In March 2009 I moved back to The Netherlands and started my own business, Jessica’s Beauty Room… …it’s a dream come true!”